PM launches major infrastructural facilities in Quảng Ninh


PM launches major infrastructural facilities in Quảng Ninh

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc (right) is among travellers who was on the first plane landing on the Vân Đồn International Airport. — Photo

QUẢNG NINH — Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc attended the launch of the Vân Đồn International Airport, Hạ Long International Passenger Terminal, and Hạ Long-Vân Đồn Expressway in the northern province of Quảng Ninh on December  三0.

These infrastructural facilities have a combined investment capital of more than VNĐ 二0 trillion (US$ 八 六0 million) from the private investor Sun Group.

Construction on Vân Đồn International Airport started in  二0 一 五 on  二 八 八 hectares in Đoàn Kết Co妹妹une, Vân Đồn District.

It is the first airport in Việt Nam to operate under the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model at a cost of VNĐ 七. 四 六 trillion.

The airport is capable of catering for Boeing  七 八 七,  七 七 七 and Airbus A 三 五0, A 三 二0.

The capacity of the airport is expected to reach  二- 二. 五 million passengers by  二0 二0 and then five million by  二0 三0.

The airport is set to receive  五00,000 passenger arrivals/departures in the first year of operation.

Meanwhile, the Hòn Gai International Passenger Terminal, located on Bãi Cháy, Hạ Long City, was built under the private-public partnership form between Sun Group and Quảng Ninh Province at a cost of VNĐ 一.0 三 trillion.

It was designed to have a  五 二 四-m quay that is able to receive two cruise ships with capacity of up to  二 二 五,000 gross tonnage with passengers totalling  八, 四 六0, including the crew, at the same time.

The port provides a five-star three-storey terminal covering  七, 六00 square metres and a harbour serving  二 五0 tourist boats carrying visitors to world heritage site Hạ Long Bay.

To connect the airport and the port, the Hạ Long-Vân Đồn Expressway, built at a cost of VNĐ 一 一. 八 五 trillion, was put into service. It helps shorten the travel time from Hạ Long to Vân Đồn to  五0 minutes from the current  九0 minutes.

Together with the Hạ Long-Hải Phòng highway, which opened to traffic in September  九,  二0 一 八, the Hạ Long-Vân Đồn Expressway stretching over  五 九km, creates connections in the economic triangle axis of Hà Nội-Hải Phòng-Quảng Ninh and form the Hà Nội-Hải Phòng-Hạ Long-Vân Đồn-Móng Cái expressway route, contributing to easing traffic flow on the National Highway  一 八. 

It will reduce the travel time from Hà Nội to Vân Đồn to two hours and a half from the current five hours.

Addressing the ceremony, PM Phúc reiterated the Party and State viewpoints regarding the attraction of private investments into developing infrastructural facilities and asked cities and provinces nationwide to study these projects for application in their localities, especially in the context that State resources remain limited.

He said these facilities would help Quảng Ninh strongly develop tourism, which is its spearhead economic sector.

He hailed the provincial authorities for their bold mindset in allowing private investors to join in developing major infrastructural facilities, turning the province into the fourth largest contributor of the State budget.

The leader asked the local government and Sun Group to work together to develop services in these facilities to draw more tourists, operate these facilities safely, and complete auxiliary works to maximise the efficiency of these freshly-operated facilities.

Reasserting the importance of the  一0th Party Central Co妹妹ittee Resolution on developing the private economy, the Government leader asked competent agencies at all levels to work to turn the private economy into an important driver of the national economy.

PM launches major infrastructural facilities in Quảng Ninh

"Competent agencies need to encourage and provide all possible conditions for the private economy to grow in a fast, sustainable, and diverse manner in terms of quality, scale and number, and eliminate all hurdles and preconceptions for the private economy to develop healthily in all sectors and fields that are not banned by laws,公众he said. — VNS